A trio of suspects are in custody as several pounds of methamphetamine and other illegal drugs were found in a Paoli residence last week.

No names have yet been released as Paoli police teamed up with officers from a number of other law enforcement agencies to conduct the drug raid on May 14.

A total of 38 pounds of meth were found in the residence, along with some marijuana, one loaded firearm and even a moonshine still for homemade alcohol, said Paoli Assistant Police Chief Caleb Shrock.

Three suspects in the residence at the time were arrested as two were booked into Garvin County jail, while one was taken to neighboring Murray County.

With poor living conditions reported inside the residence two children were placed into protective custody.

Paoli police were actually serving search warrants on two residences at the same time.

Helping with one of the searches were Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse and Elmore City police officers, while assistance on the other came from Purcell police. Assisting later were agents with the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission.

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