Paoli man targets police officer

Quinn Wykoff

Authorities were still looking this week for a Paoli man who first struck an officer during a weekend traffic stop in the northern Garvin County town before ramming a patrol car and speeding away.

A couple of felony assault charges were filed Monday against Quinn Allen Wykoff, 45.

An affidavit filed in the case shows Wykoff's actions came when he was stopped by Paoli police officer Justin Hutchings around 1 a.m. Saturday, June 22.

The officer reported Wykoff's truck had a tag light lens missing and its warning flasher lit up when the brakes were applied.

The officer reported he recognized Wykoff and allowed him to reach between the truck's seat to retrieve his driver's license.

Instead, Wykoff pulled out a large knife still in a sheath, which was handed to the officer and placed on the flatbed portion of the truck.

Wykoff was then allowed to get out of the vehicle and search on the passenger side for his wallet.

Once his license was found the Paoli officer reported a check showed there was an active warrant for Wykoff's arrest.

When told about the warrant Wykoff is reported to have started walking away as Hutchings tried to stop him by grabbing the man's left wrist.

The officer says Wykoff then struck him on the left side of his head before running to grab the knife placed on the truck's flatbed.

With Hutchings drawing his service weapon, Wykoff jumped into his truck and put it in reverse where it slammed into the officer's Tahoe patrol vehicle, which at the time also had a K-9 dog called Lion inside.

As the suspect drove away Hutchings started a pursuit when Wykoff's truck again goes into reverse and toward the officer's vehicle.

There was no collision this time as the suspect's vehicle instead stopped before speeding away.

At the same time Hutchings said his vehicle started slowing down and smoking from what was apparently the damage sustained in the crash. The patrol car finally stopped altogether there in Paoli.

McClain County authorities later found the truck near Rosedale, while learning the license plate on it actually belonged to another vehicle.

On Sunday one of Wykoff's trucks was found east of Paoli, which matched the plate on the truck involved in the incident early Saturday morning.

The earlier arrest warrant comes from a couple of weeks ago on June 10 for Wykoff's failure to appear for a court proceeding in a domestic assault case.

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