A defendant who used to have the stage name of Po Lightning is among a list of inmates leaving Garvin County's jail on their way to prison.

The former comic and entertainer is actually Delbert McNeill Jr., 56.

Just over a couple of weeks ago a jury took only a few minutes to find McNeill guilty of drug trafficking.

McNeill took the unusual step of defending himself by serving as his own attorney during a three-day trial in a Garvin County District courtroom.

His conviction stems from a traffic stop a few miles south of Wynnewood back on March 21, 2019. Within a few minutes a county deputy and state trooper discovered McNeill was concealing a bag in his mouth containing about 28 grams of methamphetamine.

Although McNeill's sentencing is not until early March jurors recommended he receive a 20-year term in prison.

Another inmate on the recent transfer list to the state Department of Corrections is Haden Peck, 24, of Norman.

Peck was in the county jail in Pauls Valley on a firearm possession charge at the time when it's believed he and two others were caught attempting an escape from an outdoor inmate yard last September.

During the incident staff at the sheriff's office reported seeing on a surveillance camera Peck use two other inmates to climb up and move some razor wire security fencing to look over a wall of the yard.

Peck's plea deal calls for a seven-year prison term with all but the first three suspended.

The other two inmates were Jarred Ray Barnes, 37, of Elmore City and Justin Upchurch, 23, of Pauls Valley.

Court records show Barnes has received a 10-year prison term on conspiracy, drug and firearm possession, while Upchurch has received a two-year sentence on firearm and stolen property charges.


Shawn Holtz, 40, is also on the list of transferees. Holtz is the last of a trio accused of robbing two people at gunpoint in a Pauls Valley house in the summer of 2018.

With a jury trial scheduled for last month, Holtz instead accepted a plea deal calling for a 10-year term on robbery and firearm charges.

• Omar Hernandez, 22, was given four years in prison and another 11 suspended, while Randy Octavio Oroxom Sandoval, 20, both of Oklahoma City, was sentenced to five years in prison with 10 suspended for a plea deal related to a drug case.

Both were stopped near Pauls Valley back in April 2019 as authorities found about 60 grams of meth in the vehicle.

• Eddie Lee Lucas Jr., 29, of Pauls Valley was given a prison term for firearm and drug charges, along with bail jumping.

• Kelly Gregg Shipp, 49, of Foster received a 20-year term with half of it in prison. He was accused of using a flashlight to assault a man last summer in Foster.

• Donald Bone, 28, of Del City had a five-year suspended sentence revoked on a firearm possession charger.

• Dandrick Jones, 37, received 20 years for charges of trafficking ecstasy and meth.

• Danny Cue, 37, was given an eight-year term on a grand larceny charge related to a Wynnewood theft.

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