Prayer table has focus on peace

A prayer table has been set up on the North Willow side of the First United Methodist Church in PV to promote prayer for peace in the country during some turbulent political and social times. (PV Democrat photo)

With the inauguration of a new president set for this week, coupled with violence stretching all the way to inside the U.S. Capitol, a Pauls Valley church is hoping prayer can lead the way to peace.

The First United Methodist Church has set up a special table on its North Willow side meant to invite people in to “pray for peace and for our nation.”

There are three parts to the pray table, which the public can access outdoors anytime through Wednesday.

The first part is a rock and a card reminding people to pray.

Second is a battery powered candle – meant to represent the light of the world – to pray for hope and peace in the U.S.

Third is a “heart” card listing out the names of state and national leaders. The name of the person on the card is the one the card-holder should pray for.

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