One surprising turn led to another as a foot pursuit with a suspect ultimately took authorities to an unexpected find involving another individual.

The end result was multiple criminal charges being filed against 26-year-old Christopher Lobaugh and Brandon Joseph Roberts, 28, Moore, in Garvin County District Court.

It was the acts of Roberts late last week that got the ball rolling.

More specifically it was a Garvin County deputy, Rusty Hillis, who spotted Roberts driving a vehicle on Chickasaw Street.

With the belief arrest warrants had been issued for Roberts, Hillis and other deputies approached him as he stood near the vehicle at the gasoline pumps of the Pak-A-Way convenience store located in the 900 block.

Moments after denying the warrants and being told deputies were going to double check that situation, Bradley did the unexpected — he turned and fled on foot through an alley.

After a brief search for Bradley proved unsuccessful, officials indicated they had information leading them to believe he would attempt to get to a residence in the 200 block of South Edith.

That turned out to be the case as Bradley was found hiding under a mattress.

He was taken into custody for arrest warrants that indeed had been issued prior to the foot pursuit.

During a search of the suspect, officers reported finding a small bag containing methamphetamine “ice” and two used syringes.

Authorities next returned to the local store where the vehicle previously driven by Bradley was still located.

One of the two other passengers was the vehicle’s owner, Lobaugh.

Reports show he was quick to deny knowledge of any illegal drugs that might be in the car.

At first nothing incriminating was found. That soon changed when Hillis checked the trunk area.

There he found a flashlight. Upon opening it the deputy discovered the batteries had been removed and replaced with items typically associated with drug use. The items included syringes, a metal spoon and a “white residue.”

Lobaugh was arrested since he owned the vehicle.

Both suspects are now facing felony and misdemeanor charges of drug possession.

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