Recycling looks for a slow return

Although recycling in Pauls Valley is among the many things taking a big hit during the virus pandemic plans are to slowly bring it back.

Cathy Cash of the Garvin County Community Living Center says some attention is starting to turn back to local recycling after the program was for a long stretch shut down completely because of COVID-19.

“With COVID I would say our recycling slowed down,” Cash said during a recent presentation to members of the PV Rotary Club.

“There were less people recycling during this pandemic, so there were less items coming to be recycled.”

When the pandemic did arrive in March 2020 the local drop off center on South Walnut stopped accepting items for recycling.

Also halted at that time was the practice of Living Center crews traveling the town to pick up cardboard and sorted office paper for recycling.

Plans are to soon bring back those crews, along with the return of trailers being placed throughout town for the collection of cardboard.

“Now we've got our clients back in the workshop. We plan to start doing our rounds and picking up cardboard,” Cash said.

There will be a few changes as local businesses wanting to have a trailer placed nearby will have to agree to follow what's been described as industry standards.

That will include a written agreement calling for businesses to have cardboard collection sites accessible without having to go inside, cardboard boxes must be flattened, the boxes must be free from other trash or other contaminants and the collection area must be maintained and free of hazards.

“We're planning to have an agreement with these business owners to fold down the cardboard and not just throw them in,” she said.

“We will also need to have no other materials in there with the cardboard. If there's food in there on the cardboard it becomes contaminated and the whole load is thrown out.

“It has to be fairly clean for the materials to be recycled.”

The one part of the local recycling program that has been open to the public over the last few months is the drop off center.

Items that will be accepted there for recycling include aluminum beverage cans, small electronics, plastics number 1 or 2, cardboard, sorted office paper and newspaper.

Items that won't be accepted include steel cans, mixed paper, mixed plastics, shredded paper and plastic bags.

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