Employees at a health facility in Pauls Valley will soon have a safe place to go during those times when threatening weather is approaching.

Garvin County's commissioners have given their OK to a bid for a storm shelter to be installed at the site of the Garvin County Health Department in PV.

It wasn't the lowest bid but described as the “best” as the approval this week moves the process forward.

The quote of $11,995 was from OZ Tornado Saferoom. It's for a shelter five feet by eight feet in size.

Jody Hartwig, a health department maintenance official from Norman, said it was clearly the most compete of the three bids submitted.

“It's all inclusive – the base, permits and it's on-site. Plus, its safety rating is as good as it gets,” Hartwig said during a regular commissioners' meeting in Pauls Valley.

Another bid around $7,600 was far less complete, while a third one fell in the $45,000 range.

Hartwig said for now there's no set timetable for the project.

A few weeks ago Lori Fisher, a business manger for the region that includes Garvin County, told commissioners a shelter was being considered because employees at the health department facility in Pauls Valley no longer have a safe place from storms.

The reason for that the old spot, Pauls Valley's neighboring hospital building, closed its doors last October.

“We're just sitting ducks out there as far as the safety of our employees,” Fisher said at that meeting.

The shelter is expected to be paid for with public health funds, she said.

When completed the shelter will not be accessible by the public but only available to any health department employees and clients at the facility when a potentially dangerous storm approaches the area.

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