School projects take next step

Potential contractors filled a room this week as bids were formally opened for three school projects included in a bond issue passed last year. (PV Democrat photo)

Even though the numbers are still being calculated a trio of school projects on the drawing board for some time in Pauls Valley have now taken that next step forward.

It came this week as bid packets were unveiled for the construction of a new band building, a new agriculture education classroom and renovations coming for the PV Panthers' gymnasium.

The actual price tag is expected to come soon for each part of the projects that were included in a bond issue passed by local voters last year.

The biggest project coming from that vote is a new grade school building as construction is well underway on the west side of Pauls Valley.

As for this week's bid openings Superintendent Mike Martin said it's a big step to get to this point for some long-anticipated school projects.

“This represents us finally getting started with the construction of the band building, the ag classroom and the gym renovations,” Martin said.

“It's been a long road. Everyone will finally get to see some progress with these projects like with the grade school. In the next month or two we'll see a lot of things going on.”

Envelopes being opened was a common sight as the bid openings came Nov. 5 in the local school administrative conference room.

Contractors submitting bids crowded in to listen as the construction manager for the future projects, Michael Barnes of MacHill Construction in Ada, read each one aloud, while Ada architect Tim Elliott put the numbers to paper.

Barnes is also serving as the construction manager overseeing the new grade school project as Elliott is the architect for all the projects.

“Looks like we have quite a few bidders in there, which goes along with our thinking that bidding them all together will save us some money,” Martin said.

Elliott said more than 20 bid packages were submitted, which represents each of the specialized areas of a construction project.

“We're validating the bids right now,” Elliott tells the PV Democrat.

“The idea is to have the numbers that we can present to the school. We're going through the same steps as the grade school.

“We should have some good numbers in a week or so. We'll compare it to the budget and then present it to the board.”

The three projects represent a kind of phase two of the current upgrades with the first being the new elementary school to house Pauls Valley students prekindergarten through the third grade when completed.

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