School supplies on the way

School supplies – check. For the second straight year a community campaign with “love” at the center is again paying the bill for Pauls Valley and Whitebead students.

In fact, the plan is to again have those supplies waiting for students when the first day of a new school year rolls around.

Callie Henry, who's served as the public spokesperson since the Love PV idea was born, says this week's focus has been to get the best deals so more kids can benefit.

“We've raised enough money,” she said, adding her “guesstimate” is at least $57,000 has been donated.

“Right now we're shopping for the best prices we can get. Honestly, we chase sales. We have a group of people actively checking sale prices all over.

An example comes with a high-quantity item – those glue sticks used by so many of the younger students.

“You might get three of those for $4 but we need 3,500 of them. Sometimes we can find a better deal. We work to find the best price.

“We're shopping around for the best prices because of the quantities that we need. We can literally save thousands of dollars by doing that, and that means we can provide even more for the kids,” Henry adds.

Those savings could lead to other school districts in the area getting a school supply pick-me-up for the new year.

As for the first day in Pauls Valley and Whitebead, it comes on Thursday, Aug. 15.

The Love PV effort led by volunteers could also use a little help itself, such as with the sorting out of the school supplies and then delivering them to the actual school sites.

Right now a date has been scheduled for Aug. 8 to sort out supplies at the Reynolds Recreation Center.

Anyone interested in helping can find out more online at the Love PV Facebook site.

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