Search brings in lots of help

Daniel Davis

When a Maysville area teenager came up missing last week there were a whole lot of law enforcement officials and volunteers who mobilized to find him.

Even though grid searches stretching miles long didn't find their mark, in the end 19-year-old Daniel Davis did wind up being found in good shape.

It might have been a simple case of just getting turned around as Davis was found OK just a few hours after being reported missing on April 21.

Not only was there a happy ending but Sheriff Jim Mullett and others were clearly amazed at the outpouring of help from area firefighters, police officers and some coming from even further to help look for what was then a missing person.

“I want say I really appreciate the cooperation and all the volunteers who came to help,” Mullett said earlier this week. “I think it was we had a local person with Maysville and Lindsay ties and everyone just wanted to come help find him.

“I think it's the work ethic we all have and all of us have a great working relationship with each other. It plays a role in everyone wanting to come out and help.

“I think it speaks to the hearts of all these people who just want to help.”

Along with firefighters from several fire departments in the area, others coming to volunteer and help with the search were Chickasaw Lighthorse police officers, who brought search dogs and drones, an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent brought a drone and immigration officials happened to be in the neighborhood, so they brought a helicopter to help.

Also on the impressed side was Dave Johnson, who is Garvin County's emergency management director.

“Other teams that came in to help said they were impressed with how organized, how structured the search was,” Johnson said.

He estimates maybe “50 folks were on the ground” during the search.

Mullett says it's his understanding the case began when Davis, who was staying at his grandmother's house near Maysville, left after the two apparently had some sort of argument in the early morning hours.

“Apparently after the argument he just started walking away. He went west toward Lindsay, then went back south and got turned around,” Mullett said.

“Just north of Maysville we started a ground search around the property about noon. At some point we found the shirt he was wearing. So we kept the grid search going all the way to Lindsay.”

When Davis didn't turn up after a search was conducted inside the city limits of Lindsay, Mullett said efforts went back to the start.

Sometime after dark later the same day the missing teen was spotted by a motorist who saw someone in a field south of the Washita River near Maysville.

“They just happened to look over and see someone out there. They contacted us and we went over there and found him,” the sheriff adds.

Although unrelated to this search, during a meeting this week Johnson asked Garvin County commissioners for their permission to pursue the possibility of purchasing a drone.

“We want to look at what it would cost to get a modern drone,” he said, adding it would include a thermal camera.

“A drone would benefit us with storm assessment and a land survey.”

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