Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat on Friday announced the approval of all requests for interim studies submitted by Oklahoma Senate members.

Senators submitted 72 interim study requests, while one request was withdrawn.

Treat, R-Oklahoma City, assigned interim study requests to Senate committees with jurisdiction over the subject matter of the request.

Committee chairs will then determine when and if the interim studies assigned to their committee will be held.

One senator with a district that includes most of Garvin County is Sen. Greg McCortney, R-Ada.

McCortney has submitted requests for studies to look at:

• Medical marijuana farming and its impact on municipal and rural water systems.

• The increase in prescription drug prices over the past decade, the effects on Oklahomans and possible solutions.

• The rising cost of healthcare and the failure of the current system to incentivize lower prices.

All the studies would be in the Health and Human Services Committee.

Sen. Jessica Garvin, R-Duncan, whose district includes a portion of far western Garvin County, is also a part of several requests for studies. The topics include:

• Whether mental health diagnoses are being considered during sentencing hearings.

• Determine if Oklahoma has an appropriate number of foster homes available in each county or region.

• Study if Oklahoma has an appropriate number of child welfare workers to service the needs of Oklahomans.

• Whether bonding assessments should be used in child welfare cases.

• Study whether jury or non-jury trials are most effective in determining the outcome of child welfare cases.

• Study on graduation rates, attendance rates, school achievement and student success, comparing between public, charter, online and private schools.

• Liability and property insurance – whether adequate resources are available in comparing industry insurance options.

• Comparing provider settings to determine why Oklahoma's healthcare settings are inadequately staffed.

• Foster parents rights.

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