Sheriff to leave for new job

Larry Rhodes

Garvin County will soon get a new sheriff as Larry Rhodes has decided to step down next month after accepting a new job at the state level.

Rhodes' intention to submit his resignation was listed Friday on a posted agenda for a Garvin County commissioners' meeting coming on Monday, June 3.

Rhodes told the PV Democrat he plans to continue serving as sheriff through July 15.

“I've accepted another job,” he said.

“It's with the Oklahoma Medical Board as director of investigations. The mission is the investigations of complaints against medical doctors who are licensed through the state.

“It's an administrative type of job. It's still police work, but it's not necessarily criminal. It's about investigating compliance with licensing.”

Rhodes first became Garvin County's sheriff when he won a two-year unexpired term back in November 2010.

Since then he's won full terms in both 2012 and 2016 as his current term goes through next year.

“I feel bad about leaving early, but it is better for my family and me. It just makes sense right now.

“I've done eight years, and the sheriff's office is in good shape at this time. The time was just right.”

During next week's meeting commissioners are expected to discuss their options for Rhodes' replacement.

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