The embarrassment of being arrested and getting bailed out of jail for an allegation he denies is something a candidate running for Garvin County sheriff can live with as long as he knows his two children are OK.

Dan Deal's formal charge filed Tuesday in Garvin County District Court jumped into the spotlight because he's one of four candidates making a run for the sheriff's job during a primary election set for next month.

Deal, 46, of Lindsay was taken into custody and handed a misdemeanor count of violating a protective order granted to his wife in neighboring McClain County earlier this year.

Deal told the PV Democrat on Wednesday that any allegations of wrongdoing are simply not true as he plans to move forward with his campaign.

“I'm not dropping out,” Deal said about the race for sheriff.

“I'm not guilty. The only thing I'm guilty of is making sure my kids were OK. I have nothing to hide.

“She's lying about this. She's coming after me. She's trying to bury me.”

A court affidavit filed with the formal charge this week shows the case against Deal started back on April 9 when his wife, Dathel Deal, went to the Lindsay Police Department to report a fraudulent check.

According to the document, she told officers it was her husband who had filled out a check from her personal account. She claims Deal forged her signature on a $500 check that he cashed at a Lindsay bank.

While at the police station Deal's wife received a Facetime video call from Deal himself.

Officers reported the call violated an emergency order of protection meant to prevent Deal from contacting her in any way.

Deal says he and his wife are now separated as a victim's protective order had been changed allowing him to contact her in some situations.

He says the video call violating the protective order back in April was to check on the whereabouts of their two children as that particular night was his time for visitation.

“She didn't show up with the kids and I was worried,” Deal said. “When I Facetimed her I talked to an officer and told him I was worried about my kids and I was supposed to pick them up.

“He told me that I had violated a protective order by calling her. If that's what it takes to find out my kids are OK.”

He claims his wife also violated the same order by calling him a few days after this same incident.

Any claims of writing a fraudulent check is also denied as Deal says it was related to a wrecker service business operated by the couple in Lindsay over the past few years.

“I'm a business owner there and I have authorization to sign checks. We have run this together for six years.”

Deal is one of four candidates vying for the office of sheriff here in Garvin County.

With all four running on the Republican ticket they're all scheduled to face off against each other during a primary election on June 30.

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