Stage set for barn quilt trail

Barn quilt trails is a concept that looks to be on the way to Pauls Valley.

The stage is being set for Pauls Valley to establish its own trail leading to a variety of quilt patterns scattered all over town.

Three years ago the Pauls Valley Arts Council started looking into the possibility of establishing a local barn quilt trail.

The concept involves patterns that started with those on quilts being painted on buildings all over a town and then creating a map for visitors to follow to all the different spots.

Now it's expanding to more than just traditional barn quilt patterns and paintings being done on smaller blocks of wood that can be placed at different sites over time.

“This is a concept that started with traditional quilt blocks, but we can incorporate all kinds of things into this,” said Bonnie Meisel.

“Basically you're painting barn quilt patterns. The idea is to put them in a window or on the side of a building.”

She's referring to the patterns of quilts and the idea of expanding that out to a variety of styles being painted onto wooden blocks to be displayed at a variety of places in a community.

“People will come. People will come from all over the world to follow these trails and see the barn quilt patterns,” she said.

With that mind, there's a recommendation to provide the effort with $5,000 in local tourism funds for the purchase of materials to be used in creating a barn quilt trail in Pauls Valley.

Meisel says the program here is modeled after ones in Blackwell and even Frederick.

“These towns had lots of visitors during the pandemic because you don't have to close to do this.”

Despite the success of these towns there isn't a formal barn quilt trail at the state level for Oklahoma.

Meisel adds there are for 48 of the 50 American states that do have a trail.

The effort so far has seen 16 barn quilt blocks being “adopted” with the goal being to get that number to 25 before creating a map so motorists can follow the trail in town.

“Basically you mount them anywhere you want, so they can be visible to vehicles driving by. All we ask is that they're visible.”

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