A single stalking charge represents so much more as a Garvin County man already convicted of sexually assaulting and threatening to kill his wife two years ago continued calling her even from prison.

Court records show Matt Harris, 36, made a total of 544 telephone calls to his now former wife after he was sent to prison in March 2019.

Harris was in prison after pleading guilty to such criminal counts as kidnapping, raping and strangling his then wife on Sept. 7, 2018 after she had formally filed for a divorce.

Add to that shooting with intent to kill as just days later Harris nearly shot a Wynnewood officer who was trying to wrestle a gun away from Harris after he showed up at the woman’s house in Wynnewood.

The felony stalking charge filed just days ago in Garvin County District Court shows Harris made the 500 plus calls to the woman after being transferred to prison on March 13, 2019.

Those calls, along with 196 previous ones made from the Garvin County jail, were all done while a protective order was in place for Harris. That order, which went into effect less than two weeks after the first incident, is authorized through 2023.

In a statement to authorities the woman said Harris had ignored the order and started calling her the day he was arrested for the two 2018 incidents.

“After a while I simply blocked the number and hoped that if I did not answer that he would stop calling,” she said in the statement.

She claimed Harris started calling again right after a move to another prison.

“I have since found a section of my voicemails specifically for blocked numbers and have now come to realize that he has been calling me on average three times a week for the two years, sometimes multiple times a day.

“I also have the letters that he wrote me while I was still living in Wynnewood. He would address the letters to a different name to try and cover up the fact that he was writing me and breaking the protective order.”

When the woman reported the calls to Garvin County authorities she told them she was “worried that he will blame her for him going to prison.”

“(She) advised she feels harassed, threatened and worried for her safety.”

In the first 2018 incident leading to Harris’ prison sentence he refused to let the woman leave the house she used to share with him as a married couple.

He placed a gun to her head and threatened to kill her and himself before then sexually assaulting her two different times.

During a hearing in a Garvin County courtroom the woman said she was “crying the whole time and praying to God” during the assaults as “he switched again from crying to sinister.”

The next morning she was able to escape when they accompanied their children to a local church service.

Four days later Harris threatened to go shoot one of their kids as a Wynnewood officer arrived at her local residence.

Outside the house Harris held a gun to his temple moments before the officer took him to the ground. During the exchange the officer as able to disarm him of one gun but a second pistol fired in the struggle as the shot went past the officer’s head.

In February last year Harris pleaded guilty to eight charges as he was given a 20-year sentence with 10 of it to be spent in prison.

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