Still no clues on missing man

Bobby McNutt

No clues and no closure for family – that appears to be the case for the mystery of what's happened to a longtime Pauls Valley resident who just disappeared several months ago.

Siblings and other relatives of 60-year-old Bobby McNutt are still hoping for answers after he went missing around the Memorial Day weekend in early September 2018.

An investigation by local police hasn't led to any clue where McNutt might be or what happened to him.

That's why family members in the Pauls Valley area have kept online postings going in the hope someone out there will know something and contact authorities.

“They're dealing with it the best way they can,” said the missing man's sister-in-law, Rose McNutt of PV, about his worried family.

“We all just need closure with this, to know if he's OK or what.”

Pauls Valley's assistant police chief, Derrick Jolley, says the investigation into Bobby McNutt's disappearance finally ran into a dead end. That's why he hopes anyone with information will contact the local department and provide another lead.

“We've done a search warrant of his house, followed up on leads, done interviews and talked to any of his known contacts,” Jolley said.

“At this point we have nothing. It's like he just vanished.

“I would ask anyone with information to give us a call.”

The officer adds the one solid thing is McNutt's food stamp card, which has been flagged.

“If it's used we'll know about it, but since he's been missing it hasn't been used,” he said.


Rose McNutt says her brother-in-law has lived in Pauls Valley his entire life.

She is quick to add Bobby McNutt has probably been seen by a lot of local folks over the years because of his bicycle riding all over PV.

“A lot of people have seen him before because he rode his bicycle all over town. That was his primary way of getting around,” she said.

That same bike was still at McNutt's house when it was first checked after his disappearance was reported to authorities.

“That means he either left on foot or went with someone,” Rose says.

“We just want to get it out there that he's missing and we would like him home. We want to know where he's at and if he's alright.

“If anyone has seen him or heard from him, we ask they call the police.”

Bobby NcNutt is described as tall with a slender build and most familiar with shoulder length hair and a long beard.

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