An annual ritual for property owners in Garvin County is the time when they receive their yearly tax statements. That time is expected to come in the very near future.

Those mailings from the county treasurer’s office are expected to begin very soon, said county Assessor Evelyn Bradley.

“A lot of districts went down this year,” Bradley said.

Like most things there are exceptions.

The big ones will come in Elmore City and Lindsay as the result of school bond issues being passed.

Others in Pauls Valley and Paoli will experience slight increases because of school sinking funds.

A school bond in Elmore City will take property tax rates there up by $12.08 per $1,000 of assessed value. The actual rate will be $91.85 per thousand.

Property owners in Foster and some parts of Katie will also see rate numbers identical to those in Elmore City.

For Lindsay property owners the rate of $80.17 represents a hike of $5.36 per thousand.

A rate of $89.49 in Pauls Valley will go up by 71 cents per thousand, while a very slight hike of 7 cents is set in Paoli leaving its overall rate at $74.88 per thousand.

Only one joint district here shared with McClain County will see tax rates increase by $2.03 per thousand to $88.73.

The remaining districts in Garvin County will see levies go the other direction.

“The values only changed due to use changes, remodels, new building or sale of property,” Bradley said.

“Our ratio is still at 11 percent of the market value. This is the lowest ratio property can be assessed at by state law.”

Specific numbers show the tax rate in Wynnewood and other parts of Katie will go to $80.53 per $1,000 of assessed value — a drop of $1.04.

The largest drop will come in Whitebead, where a rate of $70.46 per thousand represents a decrease of $13.89.

A smaller drop will come in Stratford. A rate of $76.54 per thousand there measures out to a decrease of 8 cents compared to last year’s levies.

The numbers show property owners in Maysville will pay 57 cents less per thousand with an overall rate of $84.44.

The remaining tax decreases in other joint rural districts are as follows:

• Grady County: $87.54, down by $3.91.

• Stephens County: $77.94, down by $2.28.

• Murray County: $70.50, down by 12 cents.

Bradley added that anyone with questions should call or come by the assessor’s office in the Garvin County Courthouse. The phone number is (405) 238-2409.

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