A Davis teenage girl says she felt shame when the memories returned of the night she claims to have been raped at a Hennepin residence in far southern Garvin County.

The girl was 14 years old when on a Friday night back in March she was heavily intoxicated to the point of passing out when she awoke to find Damon Ryan Gregg, 17, of Davis on top of her and in the middle of a sexual act without her consent.

During a hearing Tuesday morning in a Garvin County District courtroom the girl said she didn't report the rape for five days because it took that long to get more memories back of what exactly had happened.

“I didn't feel like myself, like when people would touch me I wanted to get away from them,” she said about the days after the March 22 incident.

“Bits and pieces started coming back into my head. I had to get everything in my head the right away so I wouldn't be telling a lie.

“It made me feel really angry and gross. I felt ashamed of myself.”

Family and supports of both Gregg and the teen girl were in the courtroom as she said it started while at a friend's house in Davis.

The two girls got into a car with Gregg and one of his male friends. She claims Gregg began offering her alcoholic drinks right after away as they then drove to a liquor store in Sulphur, where a bottle of vodka was purchased.

A one-gallon container of water was purchased at another store. The girl says half the water was poured out and replaced with vodka.

She claims she had never drank a beverage with alcohol before. The night she estimates drinking maybe half of the new mixture.

“I was dizzy, light-headed and I was stumbling,” she said about arriving at a residence, which was later determined to be in the Hennepin area.

She claims to have been so drunk she fell into a bathtub when going to a bathroom in the house. From there she remembers laying down on a bed.

“I remember falling asleep. Then I remember Damon getting on top of me. He is taking his clothes off.

“I just remember my clothes being off and Damon being inside of me,” she said referring to a sexual act.

“I couldn't move. I was puking and he got off me.”

She then admitted to not knowing that Gregg was also making a video of the encounter. The teen even identified herself when shown an image from the video.

She later woke up back at her friend's house in Davis.

Garvin County Sheriff's Deputy Doug Walling said when he later questioned Gregg about the rape allegations the teen admitted to having sex with the girl.

The teen also admitted to making a video of the encounter and even showed the deputy the video.

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