A tearful goodbye ended one phase of the case and started another for a Davis teenager taking a plea deal for raping a heavily intoxicated teen girl at a Hennepin house earlier this year.

The high emotions came from 17-year-old Damon Ryan Gregg of Davis as hugs from his mother were followed by being handcuffed and led out of a Pauls Valley courtroom to start his treatment plan as a youthful offender.

The scene unfolded this week as Gregg was facing two formal charges for raping a 14-year-old girl, passed out from consuming alcohol, this past March at a residence in far southern Garvin County.

When later questioned by county authorities Gregg admitted to the rape and using a device to video the entire act.

Laura McClain, assistant district attorney in Garvin County, said after the plea agreement was formalized Gregg will pay for his crimes.

“The family approved the plea deal, and he's being held accountable as a youthful offender,” McClain said.

What that means is Gregg is being sentenced as an adult but treated as a youthful offender.

Court records show Gregg received concurrent 15-year sentences as a youthful offender for first-degree rape and procuring a minor to participate in the manufacture of child pornography.

He was ordered into the custody and care of Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs as Gregg will undergo an individual treatment plan in a medium secure facility.

OJA officials and a psychologist made the recommendation Gregg be held for the treatment of “identified” issues.

A review hearing in the case has been scheduled for next April

Earlier this month the young girl, now 15, took the stand during a hearing in a Garvin County District courtroom to describe the heavy emotional impact she's suffered since the rape on March 22 at a house she was unfamiliar with in the Hennepin area.

She testified Gregg kept giving her drinks containing heavy amounts of alcohol as she laster passed out before waking to find Gregg on top of her in the middle of the sexual act.

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