A Maysville teenager was just fooling around, doing something he wasn't supposed to do, when he came upon a chance to save a life.

That appears the case for 18-year-old Claud Kelly, who while riding a dirt bike Thursday night in a place where it's not allowed saw something he didn't expect - a man hanging motionless in an apparent suicide attempt.

In the end Kelly got the unnamed man down and saved him from an apparent try at taking his own life.

Maysville police officer Robert Peterson responded to the scene and believes Kelly's actions were heroic.

“I just think this kid should be recognized for what he did,” Peterson said.

The incident took place at about 8 p.m. Thursday as Kelly was riding down an alley on the eastern outskirts of Maysville.

“He was riding the dirt bike down an alley. He turned around and saw the guy hanging there,” Peterson said.

Kelly then got off his bike, put it down and ran to see if he could help.

“When he got there, he lifts him up and the guy wasn't moving,” he said.

“He lifted him up and the guy coughed.”

The man apparently used a dog leash to hang himself from an A-frame, which is typically used to lift out and secure car motors when repairs are being done.

He was reportedly hanging about 3 feet off the ground when Kelly showed up.

According to the Maysville officer, an individual at a nearby church saw what was happening. That person ran into the church and retrieved other members as they all went directly to the scene to see if they could also offer assistance.

The man's reasons for the suicide attempt were not disclosed.

An ambulance was quickly called to the scene to offer medical attention, in addition to county deputies since the incident took place just outside of Maysville's city limits.

Peterson said the unnamed man appeared to be OK since he was responding to him and medical personnel before was taken to a hospital.

“He was talking to us before he left,” Peterson said.

The officer applauded Kelly's actions, while also frowning on the fact he was riding a dirt bike down an alley - an act considered illegal in Maysville.

“He just happened to be riding a dirt bike illegally. If it wasn't for that he wouldn't have seen the man or been able to help him,” he said.

“I told him I would excuse it this time because of what he did.”

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