One longtime Pauls Valley resident now has one more use for her secret ingredient to combat pests in her yard.

Just a few weeks ago it was Dorothy McCarn who approached the PV Democrat to share with the public her use of dried coffee grounds to keep her local yard clear of things like chiggers and ticks.

After a recent chat with a relative, McCarn learned those same coffee grounds can take care of another common problem for residential yards.

“I learned coffee grounds are not just good for chiggers, fleas and ticks,” McCarn said.

“It's also good for mold in your yard. Just spread the coffee grounds on the mold in your yard and that should take care of it.

“I found out that from cousin this morning,” she said earlier this week.

The yard tip looks to have gone both ways as McCarn says her cousin wasn't aware of the coffee grounds' multi-uses.

“She knew about coffee grounds for mold, but she didn't know it was also for chiggers, fleas and ticks.”

McCarn got the idea of sharing her secret after reading a story on pest control in the PV Democrat. She thought sharing her proven way to combat chiggers, fleas and ticks in her local newspaper was a good way to go.

It was several years ago when McCarn said she just happened to come across the coffee grounds idea. It was included in a little pamphlet that came through the mail, the kind she normally just throws away.

McCarn's a coffee drinker anyway, so she saved up the used coffee grounds, allowed them to dry out, which she says is best, and then spread them out over her large yard.

Within a week she says the coffee grounds methods proved effective as her yard was free of the pests and has remained that way ever since.

During her recent talk with her cousin McCarn also learned that sprinkling dried, non-cooked grits on areas where smaller ants are going should take of those pests as well.

“That's my tip for the day.”

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