No matter how much one cuts back or how desolate the economy looks, there are simply some traditions which toss any financial worries to the wind.

Making a decade of clean, safe fun for each October is Pauls Valley’s annual Fall Children’s Festival, a combined effort by three area churches, said Terry Clayton, First Church of God pastor. Set to be held again at the Garvin County fair barn in Wacker Park Wednesday Oct. 19 from 6-8 p.m., this year is prepared for another stampede of eager treat seekers in an environment all parents can feel comfortable.

The event along with Trinity Baptist Church and Cornerstone Community Church has been a way for a larger outreach to be possible without kids having to go house to house, said Clayton. To make it happen, each congregation equally picks up providing items like candy or soda for the several hundred children expected as well as four of each of their own games or activities.

Some of those games they can expect are classics like the duck pond, fishing and ring toss, said Clayton. The best thing for families is it is free and they don’t have to bring anything but themselves and if they wish dressed as their favorite costumed character.

Everyone involved will get there early at noon to set up and will be ready to welcome visitors that evening, said Clayton. There will also be inflatable play areas outside as well as bags with a message of ministry handed out to kids who show up.

“The purpose is for families to bring kids out and have a great time,” said Clayton. “It’s just a good safe environment for the kids to come.”

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