The timeline looks to be set for a process meant to later lead to the appointment of a new court clerk in Garvin County.

All three of Garvin County's commissioners voted this week to start getting the word out as they intend to first take applications from interested candidates before then moving forward with interviews and ultimately their choice for the office.

What the trio is looking for are prospective candidates interested in replacing Cindy Roberts, who as the county's court clerk since 2011 recently announced she plans to serve through late June before stepping down for retirement.

Their vote on Monday came after discussion with Assistant District Attorney Carol Dillingham on the proper way to go about appointing someone to serve out the two years remaining on Roberts' term.

“We'll announce it, post it in the courthouse, run ads in the newspaper, set up a cutoff date for resumes and applications,” Dillingham said.

The plan calls for applications and resumes to be taken through Feb. 23 at the county clerk's office on the second floor of the Garvin County courthouse in Pauls Valley.

Then on Feb. 26 during a regular meeting commissioners can begin looking closer at all the applications received.

From there closed door interviews with candidates are expected to come on March 5, possibly even March 12 if more time is needed.

“You'll vet all the candidates, choose the best one and allow that person to work with Cindy before being sworn into office,” Dillingham said to commissioners. “Whoever that person is there will be a little bit of a learning curve.”

To be clear, Dillingham said the person who is appointed as the next court clerk won't be sworn into office until July 2, which is the first business day after Roberts steps down. Her last day as the clerk is June 29.

“You'll make an announcement that effective July 2 you intend to make an appointment,” she said to commissioners about the time when they make their choice for the post.

District 3 Commissioner Johnny Mann says experience will likely be an important factor in naming a replacement.

“Hopefully it will be someone with some experience and who can work with everybody there,” he said, referring to staff in the court clerk's office.

Along with Mann, commissioners Stan Spivey of District 1 and Gary Ayres of District 2 voted to set the dates for this process.

It was in early January when Roberts submitted a letter informing commissioners of her decision to retire early from the court clerk's office.

Garvin County offices that will be a part of a filing period in mid-April are county assessor, county treasurer and county commissioners in District 1 and District 3.

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