A simple traffic stop near Pauls Valley quickly turned into a big haul as a trio were caught with a whole lot of illegal marijuana.

It was a stop for speeding that led a state trooper to discover the three men in the vehicle were concealing well over 100 pounds of marijuana.

Six-figure bonds and a couple of criminal charges were given to each of the three occupants – Matthew Dion Baggett, 34, James Jinsup Kim, 24, and Huy Truong Bryan Nhan, 34.

The stop leading to the charges came on Jan. 13 when a trooper taking a position near Pauls Valley's main Interstate 35 exit clocked a pickup truck over the speed limit. It was finally stopped about 10 miles further north.

Troopers reported Baggett, the driver of the truck, started to become “fidgety” and nervous when questioned.

The man reportedly claimed they were coming from Texas, stayed at a casino in Oklahoma and they were traveling because of a roofing job.

The red flags of suspicion for the trooper came when different stories started coming from all three men. That included the name of a casino nowhere near this area and no roofing tools or attire were seen.

A search of the truck began when a K-9 dog alerted to the possible presence of illegal narcotics.

When troopers got into the truck's covered and locked bed area they found several bags of marijuana with all but one vacuum-sealed. There were also a number of dryer sheets used in an apparent attempt to mask the odor of the drug.

Along with scales, baggies and other paraphernalia found in the truck, troopers said there was a total of 125 pounds of marijuana concealed in the back of the vehicle.

Court records show Baggett's bond of $150,000 was posted, while the other two were given $100,000 bonds. Prosecutors in the case requested those totals be set at $250,000 for each of the three defendants.

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