Traffic stop the key to drug find

Three suspects are still behind bars after a recent traffic stop near Pauls Valley led authorities to finding illegal drugs and a firearm not permitted because each of the trio has a previous felony conviction.

Last week's stop along Interstate 35 led to the arrests and multiple charges for Brandy Jean Cater, 35, Brittany Joy Stephens, 30, and Richard Zachary Tice, 39, all of the Oklahoma City metro area.

Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett says it's not really a regular thing for his deputies to watch the interstate or in general make traffic stops.

“We were just helping out and happened to be there to make this traffic stop,” Mullett said. “This particular stop led us to what we found and the arrests.

“Drug activity out there is more common than you might think. I believe if there was someone that had the resources to do nothing but make traffic stops they would find a lot more of the illegal drugs.

“With this one we just happened to be there to make the stop. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury to be out there for more traffic stops.”

This particular case stems from the early morning hours of June 8 when a deputy reported seeing a black sports utility vehicle following too closely to another vehicle on I-35 just south of Airline Road.

When the SUV was pulled over a few miles down the road Cater, who was driving, is reported to have immediately admitted to having a suspended driver's license.

She was also quick to tell deputies there was methamphetamine and fentanyl in the vehicle, along with a “big gun,” later determined to be an assault style rifle, and some ammunition.

Cater also admitted that all three individuals have previously been convicted of a felony, which makes the gun possession illegal.

One more admission from Cater was that she had some fentanyl hidden in her bra.

A short time later, while being booked into Garvin County jail, deputies found a small roll of tin foil containing heroin in Stephens' underwear.

During the book-in Tice retrieved two baggies of meth concealed in his anus. Jailers reported he was unsuccessful in an attempt to dispose of the bags in a toilet.

It was reported the meth in the bags totaled 51.6 grams, while nearly $2,000 in cash was also found in the vehicle.

Bonds range from $25,000 to $30,000 as the next court appearance for all three suspects is now scheduled for July 2.

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