A drug case netting the arrest of two Texas men last fall has already drawn one plea agreement with a trial still remaining for the other defendant.

A prison term awaits Larry Richardson, 33, of Dallas — the driver of a vehicle stopped and found to have cocaine inside — while the passenger, Jwayne Bradford, 34, of Garland is taking his case to jurors.

The two were charged with felony counts of trafficking after the vehicle they were in was stopped Sept. 9 by county authorities west of Paoli.

A search of the vehicle resulted in deputies finding about 11 ounces of rock cocaine in a safe placed in the vehicle’s trunk.

Richardson pleaded no contest late last week to an amended charge of cocaine possession. His sentence included half of a 24-year prison sentence being suspended.

Bradford, who claimed to have no knowledge of illegal drugs in the vehicle he was riding in, decided to take his case to trial, which got underway Monday in Garvin County District Court.

The men were in one of two vehicles parked partially on the state Highway 145 roadway near Interstate 35 and the shoulder on Sept. 9. The occupants appeared to be talking to each other when Garvin County deputies came rolling by the site.

At first deputies didn’t think too much of the situation; that is until both vehicles did quick U-turns nearly colliding with a county patrol car.

With one vehicle allowed to later leave, deputies checked closer on the other driven by Richardson and Bradford seated as a passenger.

They reported some unusual aspects about Richardson, including nervousness and the claim he got lost on a trip back to Dallas from Oklahoma City although the interstate allowed for a direct route.

After a consent to search the vehicle was given a safe was found in the trunk.

Richardson claimed no key was available for the safe given to him by his aunt.

A K-9 dog taken to the scene later alerted on the safe indicating some type of narcotics was likely located inside.

Deputies later reported Richardson gave them permission to force open the safe using a tire tool.

Found inside were three plastic bags with each containing an off-white, chunky substance believed to be rock cocaine.

Although he earlier claimed the safe belonged to his aunt, Richardson then reportedly told deputies it was placed in the trunk by the occupants of the second vehicle earlier at the site.

Richardson is reported to have admitted knowing the individuals in that other car and it was them who had set him up with the placement of the drugs.

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