Unique race gets votes of support

With the numbers in place tourism and city votes are now supporting a different kind of Pauls Valley race combining both the body and the mind.

The first number is $1,800, which is how much in local tourism funds was approved for what’s called the Recall Run 5K event.

Set for Sept. 7 is the fourth version of the run and walk through the streets of Pauls Valley.

What makes this event started by Mike Dyson so unique is it calls for runners and walkers to not only navigate the course but also try and remember as many of the posted words and images they see along the way.

“It’s a unique race that nobody else is doing,” Dyson says.

“It’s branded as Pauls Valley’s race. There’s a lot of chatter on social media about it. I think there is something to having a unique event that brings people from out of town.”

Dyson got the support by showing how the growing event is bringing in more and visitors each year.

The numbers provide the proof with 94 runners and walkers taking part in the first Recall Run. That was followed by 119 and then 147 last year.

“Sixty percent of the participants came from outside of Pauls Valley,” he said.

“Last year we had two from Arkansas and one from Oregon. One participant took the idea to the University of Arkansas.”

Like many races this one takes participants through a 5K course, which this year could include a route through the local Wacker Park.

The unique part is the best combination of finish times and recalled items seen on the course is what determines the winners.

“I asked myself what’s a unique event that brings people to my town,” Dyson said during one of his presentations to try and get the city’s support.

“I came up with Recall Run.

“I try to encourage tourism for Pauls Valley and to get them to come from outside of 30 miles and stay a minimum of six hours.

“I want them to come to the event and see our community. We want them to spend the night, think this is a cool place.”

More about the race can be found online.

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