A Pauls Valley group formed to give help to various community organizations all over Garvin County now needs some help itself.

Five remaining Pauls Valley United Fund board members met this week to discuss how dangerously close the group is to shutting down.

The reason is they're getting virtually no help is raising money and planning for the events throughout the year meant to help groups like 4-H, Salvation Army and nutrition programs serving all of the county.

As a way of turning the tide back in the right direction a United Fund community meeting is now planned for 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9 at the Reynolds Recreation Center.

Those needing to really pay attention are the groups planning to submit requests for funding from United Fund for the 2020 year.

“Things are not going to get better unless we have more people on the board,” said Anita Gosnell.

“We've got to have people if we're going to do this. If we don't have more people we're just spinning our wheels.

“If we don't get more board members we're going to have to shut down. Without them we can't keep this thing going.”

The board members said this week the United Fund effort does have enough money already raised to get through one more round of quarterly distributions to groups already approved.

After that there's plenty of uncertainty whether United Fund remains open to help or it's forced to shut down.

All five say it's gotten to the point where they simply need more people helping out with the fundraising and the planning for the handful of United Fund events held throughout the year meant to raise more money for the cause.

That's what the upcoming community meeting is all about.

“This is for all the organizations planning to apply for funding and anybody who wants to help us raise money,” Mike Arie said.

Fellow UF board member Alecia Weatherford stresses this is meeting is big because it could determine whether or not United Fund continues in Pauls Valley.

“There's now way we can continue like this,” Weatherford said.

“We can't raise the money we need with just the five of us. I don't know how we can continue like this.

Connie Frazier added the United Fund effort will also need more “big” sponsors in the future if it survives.

Right now some of the staple events include a daddy-daughter dance, a community dinner and a golf tournament.

In the range of 25 groups were awarded more than $30,000 in United Fund grants this year.

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