Utility rates to get a bump

An across the board rate increase begins this week for most city of Pauls Valley customers receiving water, sewer and trash collection services.

The rates are going up in Pauls Valley as for the first time in a few years the monthly costs for water, sewer and trash collection are getting a small bump across-the-board.

All five members of the PV City Council voted for the increases after City Manager James Frizell, describing the hikes as small, offered more details to the group during a regular meeting last week.

“It's minimal increases,” Frizell said. “We haven't raised our rates since 2017.

“Rates will go up by about $2 on average. I believe this is an increase for our customers they can live with. We're not out there to get anyone or gouge them. We have to go up to stay up with the costs for us.”

The new rates, set to begin Thursday, July 1, are being raised according to the Consumer Price Index, Frizell adds.

An example comes with the first level of local water rates, which for the first 1,000 gallons will go up by about $1.50 taking the monthly bill to $18.32.

The planned hikes for sewer rates start at just under a dollar for the first 2,000 gallons used. The monthly charge here is $11.45.

For solid waste disposal the increase is also around $1 a month for a single 32-gallon polycart. The monthly bill for one polycart of this size will be $10.40.

Naturally the increases for all the services go up by higher usage levels.

“The big change is we are now requiring all trash to be bagged.

“We will not issue tickets initially, but we have made this a part of an ordinance that requires trash to be bagged,” the city manager said adding any fines could come later and be added to a monthly bill.

“When you see loose trash in the neighborhoods it's because polycarts have been turned over and someone didn't bag their trash.

“We're telling people to bag your trash.”

Some discussion with the council centered on people coming into town to illegally dump their trash.

“If someone dumps trash in your dumpster you are still responsible for it. The only way to stop that is to lock those dumpsters,” Frizell said.

“All the commercial dumpsters can be locked. Our business customers know they are responsible for what's in their dumpster.”

Small increases will also come for roll-off trash containers and fees at the local solid waste transfer station.

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