Critical condition just got worse as a vote came Friday to close Pauls Valley's hospital.

The unthinkable happened after all five trustees of the PV Hospital Authority met in closed discussions with officials from Alliance Health Partners, the private company operating the hospital since July with hopes of someday buying the facility.

With grim faces and a few tears the group voted to close Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center because no options were available to save the hospital from the financial struggles its experienced over last few years.

“I have to say we're at a point where we don't have any options,” Mayor Gary Alfred said moments after the group returned to open session at Pauls Valley city hall.

“It's a sad day. I never thought this would ever happen. We hit a point where no funds were available to keep it open.”

The mayor was quick to commend all the people, organizations and businesses donating money over the past few weeks to help the hospital meet employee payroll and stay open with normal operations.

In fact, Alfred said those donations did make a big difference.

“A lot of lives were saved by those donations, but we hit a dead end. It's been a struggle to keep to keep it open but provide quality care. We had limited choices.”

Alfred did add a dispute with the hospital's former manager has played a big part in keeping the facility from having enough revenue to operate.

“I commend all the employees,” he said, while also praising Pauls Valley National Bank and the city of PV.

“We had a plan put together with two other banks but that didn't work out. We worked tirelessly to make this work.”

Strong emotions and plenty of tears then took over as trustee Shirl Montgomery made the motion none of them ever wanted to make.

“As much as this saddens me somebody has got to make a motion,” said a visibly shaken Montgomery.

“I move to cease general operations and take the steps to close hospital operations.”

More details have yet been announced on when and how the actual closure will take place. More will come later in the PV Democrat.

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