An Oklahoma City woman has received a formal criminal charge on the allegation she dragged her young daughter with a child harness while walking along a Pauls Valley roadway.

The felony count of injury of a minor child was filed in Garvin County District Court against Kristy Ann Day, 22, who also had the listed last name of Hacker.

Whether it was accidental or not, Day is accused of dragging her 2-year-old daughter after an argument with her husband that apparently led to her walking toward Interstate 35 in an effort to return home.

The child was wearing a harness, complete with a “leash,” when the incident occurred in the afternoon hours of Feb. 22, according to Pauls Valley police.

Officers were initially dispatched to West Grant Avenue on the report of a small child being dragged on the ground by a woman also holding a small infant.

What Patrolman Derrick Jolley found at the northbound I-35 ramp were Day, her husband and the two children.

The man claimed he had been at work when he received a phone call from an employee at a nearby motel informing him that his daughter was wandering around outside of their room.

Once at the motel, the man and Day got into an argument leading to her collecting the children and walking toward the interstate in the hopes of catching a ride to Oklahoma City. He proceeded to catch up to them in a vehicle at the ramp.

Jolley reported seeing the child was attached to a strap.

“The strap was a form of a chest harness for children with the strap attached to the back portion,” Jolley stated in a filed report.

The investigating officer also reported the young girl had dirt on her clothes and parts of her body indicating she might have been dragged.

“The dirt marks were on the palm area and the back area of the hands and appeared to have a pattern that was similar to that of sliding on the ground,” he reported.

During questioning at the scene, the child did something that even surprised the veteran officer.

“The child looked up at (her mother) and then looked up at me and put both of her arms up in the air toward me as is she wanted me to hold her. I picked her up from the ground and she held onto me as if she had known me for quite some time,” Jolley reported.

The scene later shifted to the local police station after a Department of Human Services Child Welfare official was contacted to investigate the situation.

At one point Day claimed that if the child had been dragged it was accidental.

The two children, along with a third staying with a relative in Midwest City, were later placed in the state’s custody as Day was taken into custody on the child abuse complaint.

During the incident local police also learned Day’s husband had a warrant for his arrest from Indiana. He was not taken into custody when it was learned he would not be extradited on the undisclosed allegation.

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