Business is anything but usual for offices in the Garvin County Courthouse, which for now is closed to the public because of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Reports show Sheriff Jim Mullett and nine employees of his office and Garvin County District Judge Leah Edwards have tested positive for the virus.

County Clerk Lori Fulks said Friday morning the courthouse may be closed to the public but the services offered inside are still available.

The courthouse employees are here,” Fulks said.

If you need something call us or email us. You can also call us and we'll come help you outside. I've already met the secretary of an attorney outside because of something they needed filed.”

Earlier this week a decision was made to restrict access to the courthouse, while the district attorney's office housed inside was closed for now.

We're not closed, but we are closed to the public,” Fulks said again about the courthouse building.

Garvin County has 29 active cases according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health daily report.

The county has had 197 cases with 4 deaths and 164 recoveries.

Pauls Valley added 3 cases overnight and has had a total of 94 cases of the virus. They have had 1 death and 79 recoveries. They have 14 active cases.

Lindsay has had 50 total cases with 2 deaths and 42 recoveries. They have 6 active cases.

Maysville has had 18 total cases with 16 recoveries. They have 2 active cases.

Elmore City has had 16 total cases with 10 recoveries. They have 6 active cases.

Wynnewood added 2 new cases and has had 14 total cases of the virus. They have had 1 death and 11 recoveries. They have 2 active cases.

Paoli has had 7 cases and 7 recoveries. Stratford 3 cases and 3 recoveries.

This week, there are 17 additional counties in the “orange” risk zone. OSDH continues to monitor closely the statewide hospitalization trends for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Alert map will be updated every Friday in the Situation Update at 11:00 a.m. This week’s map can be seen in this update below the test results chart.

As OSDH continues to meet with stakeholders across the state, the COVID-19 Alert Map is subject to further revisions as science and public health guidance advances with the ongoing pandemic.

As of this advisory, there are 36,487 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, up 747 from Thursday. There have been 29,187 recoveries up 776 from Thursday.

There are 5 additional deaths identified to report. 3 deaths were identified in the past 24 hours.

Two in Cleveland County, two female in the 36 - 65 or older age group.   

One in Creek County, one male in the 65 or older age group. 

One in Oklahoma County, one male in the 50 - 64 age group.

One in Rogers County, one female in the 65 or older age group.

There are 541 total deaths in the state.

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