One resident’s plan to construct a new home that ran into complications due to a water line placement seems to be heading toward an agreeable outcome for all involved parties.

The issue, first brought before the city trustees during the Sept. 9 municipal authority meeting by PV residents Micah and Janet Ayache, was a problem for them as they found out the area where they wanted to build their home would have been right over an existing line.

As that would have not been allowed due to the city’s own code of ordinances they had approached the city to see if there was any way the line could be moved to allow construction.

“I’m just seeking approval of the removal of the pipe,” said Janet Ayache. “It’s not where it belongs.”

The unique situation of the line was that unlike others that follow a similar pathway of power lines along the road, this one went right through the purchased property at the corner of West Avenue and Fields Road.

There was also confusion with the easements that did not show the waterline properly marked, which was likely put in as far back as the 1960s.

At the time of the first meeting, it was not resolved as the city needed to make sure the water line was in fact where the residents suspected it was.

However, after taking time to locate and confirm the location, it was determined that such a move could in fact work out as of Tuesday’s meeting.

Ayache noted how they would in exchange for the line relocation offer some of their land closer to the road as an easement to make the transition smoother.

She noted that it would not necessarily need to be moved out of the pasture land their entirely, just a little further away from the planned structure area.

The line movement will also involve a little bit of property of another nearby resident, who has already given their approval.

“I had offered to the city to give freely a new easement if that is something the city needs to do to move that pipe along,” said Ayache.

“Your existing easement is not very practical for the city, at least I don’t think because it goes underneath a property’s fence line.

After an executive session, trustees ended up giving approval to allow City Attorney Jay Carlton to negotiate the details of the line relocation.

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