$2.1 million county error to be repaid to Chickasha Public Schools

CHICKASHA, Okla. — Chickasha Public Schools administration recently caught a $2,176,843.86 underpayment in ad valorem taxes due to a county error. 

Superintendent Jack Herron and Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Stegman discovered the discrepancy between ad valorem tax receipts and what the district received, according to a press release from Chickasha Public Schools. 

Stegman contacted the Grady County Treasurer's Office to confirm the mistake. 

County Treasurer, Robin Burton confirmed that funds that were intended for Chickasha Public Schools were accidentally diverted to the county in November 2018, December 2018 and January 2019. 

Burton has apologized for the error, the release said. 

Burton will meet with the Grady County Commissioners at their regular meeting on Monday morning and the funds are expected to be repaid to Chickasha Public Schools that afternoon, according to the release. 

Doug Brown, Chickasha Board of Education President, released the following statement: "It is alarming that an error of this magnitude could be made and go unnoticed by the County Treasurer's office for several months. Herron's and Stegman's decision to go directly to county offices for answers was the right action and the promise to get the District paid by Monday (February 11) is the right next step. Interest on the funds the County retained would be another step in the right direction." 

On Friday morning, the Grady County Treasurer's Office directed all questions to the Grady County District Attorney. Calls to the DA's office were not immediately returned.


Lane is news editor for Chickasha Express-Star, a CNHI News Service publication.


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