In the quest to keep as many dollars in Muskogee that ultimately assist in maintaining our streets and infrastructure, spending your money at locally-owned and operated businesses becomes most vital. In fact, spending money at a locally owned and operated business is three times more financially impactful to your own community than spending at non-locally owned and operated businesses. With that in mind, it is very easy for longtime residents in any community, including ours, to often overlook the hidden and not so hidden gems in our own backyard. 



With all the positive revitalizations and synergies going on in downtown Muskogee, finding a place to eat in the heart of the city has become much easier than just a couple years ago. Max’s Garage, Pisano’s, The Fish Hut, Harmony House and Club Lunch have carried the downtown baton for years; they now have been joined downtown by dozens of additional dining options that will satisfy your palate regardless of your taste at nearly any particular time.

Now, in addition to the old standbys, one can visit the Muskogee Brewing Company, Nana’s Bakery, Mattie Jane’s On Main, Billy Sims BBQ, American Pie, Rev’s Kitchen, Momma C’s Soul Food as well as several options in the mall. Looking to cool off with a beverage or smoothie on a hot summer day or evening? You may want to spend time at The Break, Erly Rush, The Rollie Pollie, Downtown Lady, The Rail Tap Room (Chamber's New Business of the Year) among others.

Keeping our dollars local is vital to our community; we challenge every resident of our community to explore the hidden treasures throughout the transforming downtown. Not only will you have the opportunity to explore all the new food and beverage locations in the heart of the city, you will be strengthening the heart of the community that will attract even more entrepreneurs and businesses to follow. 

Happy dining!


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