By Chris Caldwell

PVHS Principal

Well week number 7 is almost over and seems like yesterday we started. Lots of great things going on here at PVHS.

Slowly but surely, the roads around the high school are taking shape. It will be worth the traffic detours when they get done.

Softball season has come to an end and our girls represented our school very well.

State Cheer competition is over and our Cheer squad finished 3rd in the state in Coed Cheer.

Girls cross country track is winding down, and our girls have won every meet except for one, losing to the #1 team in the state. Our girls have been ranked in the top 5 all season long.

Our band continues to do what they have always done, winning the top spot at the Oklahoma State Fair and receiving superior ratings whenever and wherever they perform.

Our football team is having a successful start to the 2018 season. The change in the style of football here has everyone excited.

The pom squad numbers are larger than in the past and they are getting ready for their state competition.

PVHS academic team has started their season competing against other schools in the area and are doing really well.

Our agricultural program is growing every year and students are participating in many activities.

One of the most exciting things that I am seeing is the student involvement and support that has been shown by showing up and cheering for our athletes at the contests.

The one item that I check every Friday morning when I get to school is our student eligibility list. I am very proud to say that right now it is as low a number of students that I have seen on our list.

Our staff go above and beyond to help our students succeed. Many of them give up part of their lunch time and stay after school to help those who need the extra help.

Also, we have peer tutoring here on campus during 7th period and our teachers are really good about letting students attend to get the extra help.

Schools are a big part of the community and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than Pauls Valley. The community support has always been awesome. We are fortunate to have the people here that go out and raise money so that all of our students have what they need on the first day of school.

We as educators are lucky to have the group that takes time out of their schedule to feed us lunch or drop a soda off to show their appreciation.

Thanks to all of the businesses that year after year empty their pockets to support whatever is asked of them. I could go on and on but won’t.

Just remember, “Be Proud to be a Panther.”

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