By Dr. Shelly Hildebrand-Beach

Maysville Superintendent

With a projected “no tax” change, Maysville Public School will ask its patrons to vote for two propositions on February 12, 2019.

After several months of discussion, the primary needs of the district to support Maysville students were narrowed to items listed below.

Proposition No. 1 is for $110,000. It's meant to:

• acquire technology equipment and textbooks district-wide, as needed $27,650.

• acquire banquet tables and chairs $8,350.

• acquire school owned vehicles $74,000.

Proposition No. 2 is for $110,000. It's meant to:

• acquire vehicles for pupil transportation $110,000.

The bonds will pay for half of a new elementary computer lab and half of the new Language Arts/Grammar and Computer Application textbooks.

The bonds will pay for a new Agriculture Education pick-up and commercial van for student transportation, a new route bus and pay off the lift bus.

Lastly, banquet tables and chairs will be bought to utilize in the Multipurpose facility for school and community events.

By voting for the two propositions on February 12th, the students of Maysville Public School will have access to the newest technology and new classroom resources.

The safety of transporting our students will be addressed by replacing vehicles that have in excess of 120,000 miles.

The bond propositions will also provide patrons with more comfortable seating at banquets, cemetery dinners and events, instead of the round cafeteria table stools.

Mark your calendar for February 12, 2019 to vote on the two propositions. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Warrior Pride!

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