Over the past decade, our nation has become deeply divided. In the past, politicians were more willing to cross the aisle for the benefit of the nation. This was especially true if the president was in a different party than the one that had control of Congress.

Today, there is a deep divide, and neither side seems to even want to try to cross the aisle. President Obama said elections had consequences and reminded the Republican congressional delegation they had lost. Eight years of what Republicans perceived as an arrogance, and unwillingness to compromise on behalf of the president, led to a massive backlash of hard-core right conservatives who decided to fight back by digging in their heels. That led to the Tea Party, many of whom morphed into the Trump-backing MAGA movement.

Now, 14 years later, we are a country basically split right down the middle. The 2016 election surprisingly saw Trump as the victor, shaking America’s political establishment to the core. Democrats cried foul and spent four years trying everything they could from claiming fraud and Russian interference to impeachments.

The 2020 election was fraught with head scratching outcomes itself, with Joe Biden supposedly getting more votes than any other elected official in history, even though he basically never campaigned. Trump and the MAGA team cried foul, claiming election fraud and the use of a pandemic that many felt was questionable and used as an excuse to lay the groundwork for halting the growth of the economy to weaken the president.

When many felt the need to protest the results, there were some who went overboard and breached security at the Capitol during the day of the certification. Democrats claimed insurrection, and MAGA supporters said it was peaceful, except for Democrats pretending to be MAGA supporters.

During Trump’s term, there were many establishment Republicans who didn’t like the MAGA way of thinking, leading to votes and behind-the-scenes workings against the president. These people were deemed to be Republicans In Name Only - RINOs - causing splits within the party itself, and included many high-profile Republicans like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and more.

Last week’s midterm election showed more of the same. Republicans picked up seats in the House and will take control of that body of Congress. Still, though, there is a battle amongst Republicans for who will be the speaker. Things are still basically a tie in the Senate, with a runoff race in Georgia Dec. 6 being the likely deciding factor of control.

Even though we are still watching the dust settle from the midterm election, things are already gearing up for the presidential run in two years. Even many Democrats admit President Biden is not doing well as the leader of the free world, albeit health, policies, or otherwise. The problem with Democrats is they don’t really have a frontrunner who can take the party reins and really lead.

Republicans have a far different problem. Trump still is a force to be reckoned with, even though not as much of one as four years ago. However, his followers are loud and headstrong in their beliefs. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a good compromise between more moderate Republicans and those farther right, and despite Democrat claims to the contrary, he has done a good job in Florida with crisis management, the economy, and security.

What the latest election has shown is that the nation is still deeply divided. More than likely, we are not going to experience compromise anytime soon, and that is bad for the U.S. and the world.

Randy Gibson is the CEO of RDG Communications Group, LLC, and the president of Maloy PR.

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