The COVID-19 vaccine has arrived, and it kind of feels like we should have a subdued celebration.

We’re extremely pleased that our frontline healthcare workers are first in line.

They’ve earned it, especially at Stillwater Medical, where the effort has been very impressive.

SMC’s latest update on its COVID unit reported 30 patients – which is an all-time high.

It’s the best proof we have that we are definitely not out of the woods yet.

But, because a vaccine has arrived, we can be happy that those workers will have immunity.

Our next step, or really the current step as we must redouble our efforts, is to make sure people have confidence in the vaccine. We know there are minds we can’t change, but we also know that if we want to have a chance of coming out of this, we need as many people as possible vaccinated.

One of the efforts has to be battling misinformation as often as possible.

We can all participate in that, by not amplifying efforts from anti-vaxxers on social media, and making sure when we do get news about the availability and places where the vaccine is available that we figuratively shout it from the rooftops.

We also have to keep striving to keep our numbers down by sticking to the mask mandates, socially distancing and maintaining hygiene guidelines.

We’re looking forward to the finish line, but there is a lot of race yet to run.

Stillwater NewsPress

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