By Mitzi Winters

Jackson Elementary Principal

Daylight Savings time change, Spring Break knocking at the door, and those cold March winds are signs that we are on the downhill slide for this school year.

Just eight weeks of school left when we come back from Spring Break!

I would say that we are hitting the ‘busy’ time of year right now, but the whole school year is busy for students at Jackson. There is still a lot of learning that needs to happen between now and the last day of school.

In first grade, the students are working diligently to learn as many sight words as they can before the end of the year.

Their hard work is evident if you take a look at our ‘Sight Word Stars’ wall of fame.

They are becoming quite the readers because of all their hard work! Our first grade team of teachers have done an outstanding job with this group of students.

The second grade students spring program was on Friday, March 15.

Mrs. Charla Forrester, music teacher, showcased the musical talents of our students. She coordinated and led the production of ‘Bugz’ for students, staff and parents. We had lady bugs, bees, ants and even a few stink bugs!

Mrs. Forrester does an outstanding job teaching music and art at Jackson Elementary. I am sure she also appreciates all the help from an amazing group of second grade teachers.

Third-graders are busy preparing for ‘the test’ in April. It is not all paper/pencil in these classrooms though.

The third grade team of teachers made learning fun with a cereal box U.S. President report.

They developed their research skills using technology and library resources acquired through a Foundation for Academic Excellence grant. The end results were quite impressive!

We are looking forward to the Garvin County Earth Day celebration in April.

Students will have a fun day of learning at this event. We appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the planning of this event and thankful that our students are invited to attend.

We are also so excited to see a little dirt moving around at the new elementary school site. The future of Pauls Valley is looking bright!

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