By Chris Caldwell

PVHS Principal

To all Panthers: I still believe that the Pauls Valley School District is the place to be.

I still enjoy coming to school to watch our students grow in the classroom as well as socially. They learn so many different ways to handle situations. Sometimes they need a little help from parents, friends, family, and even the teachers that they see every day, but usually acquire tools that help them solve most issues that they face.

I was working in the greenhouse the other day and was thinking about days when I was in high school right here at PVHS, and for some reason I thought about the theme of our yearbook when I was a senior, “Times they are a Changing.” (1976)

I was thinking about our students today, and wow, how has things changed for our students.

I still believe that kids are still kids just like they were 40 years ago, but technology has played a significant role and will continue to be a major part of their lives.

When your child comes home talking about Chromebooks, smart boards, black boards, online classes, Google docs, and ICAP, (Individual Career Academic Planning) don’t get too alarmed, because this is the direction that we have started and will continue to strive for to meet the goals of our students. I promise that the students will adjust and be fine.

Technology has and will continue to open new doors for our students.

In the coming years, businesses will be coming to our schools and letting all educators know what will be required for a student to have the credentials to be employed by their company, whether it be continuing their education in college, trade school, or just finishing high school with a diploma.

Lots of great things are going on with our students. FFA is gearing up for spring shows, horticulture classes are planting lots of plants to sell later, basketball and wrestling are preparing for the playoffs, academic team is getting ready to compete against other schools all over the state, band is competing at state and preparing for concert competition, cheer and pom are thinking about next year with upcoming tryouts in March, power lifting is competing in meets, golf, tennis, track, baseball is just around the corner, seniors are getting closer to completing all requirements to graduate, juniors are preparing for the upcoming ACT test that all will take in April, sophomores will take a couple of state mandated tests soon, prom is just around the corner, and teachers are making sure that their students receive all that they need to be successful, even with the busy extracurricular schedules that our students have.

I strongly believe that everything that we do here is important for our kids, even though it can be hectic at times.

Students have to learn to value time and how to use it accordingly. It is very important that your child understands that it is the responsibility of the student to find out from their teacher what they have missed when they are going to be gone for activities or have missed due to illness.

Before I close, I want to inform everyone that PVHS had three seniors who have been nominated for Academic All State – Trevor Allee, Kendall Readnour and Seth Robbins.

Also, Seth Robbins is a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship.

I’ll put our academic success up against any school. Thanks to the awesome students, parents and teaching staff of the Pauls Valley School District. Until next time, have a wonderful day!!!

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