We support legislative efforts to override Gov. Kevin Stitt’s veto of Senate Bill 1695.

SB 1695 was a transparency bill that would require financial disclosures for appointees made by the governor to agency director or cabinet positions.

It had unanimous bipartisan support.

How does the governor veto something that had unanimous support?

He said it was because it was too limiting, as if it wasn’t right to not include other state officers.

“I would urge the Legislature to revisit this topic and pass legislation that subjects all state officers – whether elected, appointed or subject to a retention election – to the same set of financial disclosure requirements,” Stitt said. “This would include, but not be limited to, agency directors and certain state officers elected by boards or commissions and those appointed by the Legislature.”

That’s a point. But that point can be made without a veto.

Stitt could have signed the bill, and then requested the legislature work on another bill to include other state offices.

Our legislature has no problem churning out bills for things far less consequential.

After the state park vendor debacle and the mismanagement of GEER funds meant for educational material, the timing could not have been worse.

The bill received unanimous support to get to the governor’s desk, it should receive an equal amount of support to overturn the veto.

Our state could use a whole lot more transparency in financial matters. Even if you think one step isn’t going far enough, it’s better than standing still.

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