By Martha Graham

PVJH Principal

The 2018-2019 school year has been one of great success and blessings. With a quarter of the year in the books, let’s recap of some of the high points so far.

Our students walked into the junior high on the first day of school with the majority of their school supplies provided. A huge thank you is extended to Love PV. Their many hours fundraising, purchasing and delivering supplies is immeasurable and beyond appreciated.

Some of our students needed shoes at the beginning of the semester, and thanks to Restored Hearts and Soles, shoes were provided for all of them!

Thank you to the Panther Sidekicks for your unwavering support of our teachers and staff, not only at the beginning of the school year but throughout.

Shari Kendall at the Pauls Valley Public Library has been a jewel. Thanks a million for accommodating teachers and students with a great book selection, educational materials, and computers for homework assistance.

In September, the police department sent officers Cricket Warren, Derrick Jolley, and Don May to speak to our seventh and eighth grade students about internet safety, as well as other various safety issues.

In addition, Julie Norman from the Garvin County Health Department presented a health seminar for our seventh-graders.

The district attorney’s office has been of great assistance to our school district as well. The past two years, Laura McClain, assistant district attorney, has been instrumental in leading the Sanctions Program. This month, Ben Betts, assistant district attorney, provided the administrators a presentation regarding school truancy.

Also this month, the junior high teachers submitted grants to the Pauls Valley Foundation for Academic Excellence. Thanks so much to the foundation for all of their hard work to support Pauls Valley Schools.

Our community has been active in providing resources and services to the school, students, and staff. We are so appreciative and thankful for the support we receive from everyone in our community.

Within the walls of Pauls Valley Junior High, we have a great group of students.

The middle years are crucial in making sure students have the necessary skills needed before reaching high school. It is our focus to give our students as much help as possible to reach their learning potential. Therefore, even with budget cuts, PVJH still has five remediation classes in order to help our students succeed.

Due to a large number of students involvement in extra-curricular activities, many of our students last school year were struggling to make before and after school tutoring. In order to provide more assistance this year, we moved our tutoring into the lunch period. It has been a positive change.

Technology in our school is continuing to progress as several of our teachers have written grants for iPads and Chromebooks. In addition, the school district continues to upgrade, and we now have an iPad for every student in our math classrooms.

Recently, we were notified that PVJH and 22 other rural schools received a partnership grant with the K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma.

The Gear Up for My Success grant will provide technology, professional development, networking, and other services. We are excited to embark on this seven-year adventure!

We are so thankful and blessed with the support and assistance we have at PVJH. We will continue to strive for excellence to educate our citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

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