Dear Editor,

We almost lost our hospital! The city of Pauls Valley and the Pauls Valley National Bank are to their limits with their financial support of the hospital these many months.

We must have the financial help of the citizens of Garvin County to keep it open.

The new management company, Alliance Health Partners of Oklahoma, headed by Frank Avignone and Tonda Garrison, is passionate about getting the hospital back in good financial health.

They estimate a current need of $2 million just to keep the employees paid and to pay the basic operational expenses of the facility, such as electricity, water, gas, etc.

There are currently 130 employees, who are dedicated to providing the best medical care possible. They get paid every two weeks and the payrolls cost over $200,000 each. That amount includes the salaries, as well as the employee benefits.

The urgent need for a positive cash flow is apparent. Support from the individuals in the communities in Garvin County is essential for the hospital to stay open until it can get back in a stable financial condition.

The previous management company put a lien on the hospital's income so they are receiving all the income until the city of Pauls Valley and the management company can reach a negotiated settlement.

On a positive note, the new name of the hospital is Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center to exemplify its importance to the surrounding communities.

There have been over 40 out-patient surgeries successfully performed at the hospital recently.

The Willows Assisted Living Center is financially healthy and will remain open with no pause in services. The ambulance service and air evac are alive and well.

Try to imagine our lives without these vital services.

Please show your support by donating to the hospital foundation.

Your donation will be tax deductible since it is a non-profit organization. The address is P.O. Box 38, Pauls Valley, OK 73075.

Thank you for caring and for sharing!

Lou Lindsey Hall

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