Dear Editor:

My name is Teresa Boydston. I live at the Donihoo Complex in Pauls Valley. We are a place for the elderly and disabled. On June 19, we had a tornado/straight-line wind hit at 2:07 AM.

We were without electricity for nearly two days. Some individuals on oxygen.

Our executive director, maintenance and housekeeping were here nearly around the clock taking care of us. 

Then yesterday, it brought tears to my eyes that people who don't know us, brought all kinds of food to us. We lost four out of our freezers and ice boxes. People were coming in in droves with milk, bread, eggs, cereal.

I usually send Thank You cards but since there are way too many, I thought I would do this so I won't miss anyone.

I told the devil this morning, 'You lost this round, God showed you he is still in charge!'

Thanks to each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.


Teresa Boydston

Donihoo-Colley Complex

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