Dear Editor,

I opened up the door,

Planned to step outside;

A wave of orange-spotted bugs

Swarmed me like a tide!

Soon they're creeping through the cracks,

Flying through the air,

Falling from the trees,

Landing in my hair!

They're crawling on the fridge –

Crawling on the door –

Crawling up the wall –

Crawling on the floor!

Collecting in the corners

Of den and dining room;

We sprayed into the mass,

Then got the broom.

And when I think they are all dead

I just fool myself;

I open up the cupboard –

There's one on the shelf.

I swept up a cupful inside the back door. And if I pick one up, he is apt to bite and leave a foul odor on my fingers.

It is my understanding that these beetles were imported from Japan by our USDA.

I would like to know if they are actually helping some people. Perhaps then I could endure with less frustration.

And is there anything I can do to make certain this doesn't happen again next fall?

Verla Nash


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