Dear Editor,

Hello from the Whitebead School District and surrounding community. We are currently planning our centennial celebration on Friday, March 1, 2019.

Through the years our educational “teams” have shaped generations of students to lead productive lives as adults. Part of that process involves the transportation of many students to and from school, in addition to informative field trips away from the school facility.

To accomplish this task, school buses need to be used and maintained properly.

As a school bus driver for almost 29 years (13 here at Whitebead), I have driven over many rough roads and through severe weather conditions, which take a toll on our buses.

The maintenance and repair costs, plus downtime, stretch the school district's budget concerning the safe and effective transport of our children to and from school.

With these thoughts in mind, please consider participating in future fundraising issues, including bond proposals, etc., to keep our remarkable Whitebead School progressing toward our goal of preparing our students for a productive future.

Remember, “The future starts here!”

Marty Vierra

Whitebead School Bus Driver

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