Dear Editor,

Another presidential election is upon us and again someone is taking signs out of people’s yards. To be specific, Democrat candidate signs.

It’s nothing new. I first remember this taking place when John Kerry ran for president.

The best description I got of the culprit was that it was an older man in a red pickup. I spoke to the sheriff about this and he told me that if I could catch him in the act and get his tag number I could file charges against him. The person who saw him didn’t get his tag number so nothing ever came from it.

Now we have a new election and here we go again.

I believe that there is a combination of anger and righteousness involved in this person’s actions. Whenever righteousness is involved I think of Isaiah Ch.64 vs.6, “all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.”

In this case however, not only is this person’s righteousness as filthy rags, it is illegal.

As citizens of the United States we abide by a document that has been around for over 200 years. It’s called the Constitution of United States of America.

The First Amendment gives us the right to many things including the right to campaign for whomever we please.

When someone pulls up campaign signs and throws them away that person has violated our constitutional rights. That person has committed a federal offense.

Now, if I catch anyone pulling up campaign signs I will do my best to get your tag number and see that charges are filed against you. You will not intimidate me.

If you don’t like this, go to another land and start your own United States of America where what you say rules. I’ll make a point of staying away from there. Until then, stop violating our constitutional rights.

Steve Jarman

Pauls Valley

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