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The next-in-command has been officially named to move up to the big chair and serve as the interim sheriff in Garvin County.

Getting courtrooms and judges' chambers hooked up with wireless networking looks to be an upgrade likely to happen in the very near future for…

Building a brand new jail is something Garvin County's sheriff believes is now a better option than remodeling the current facility.

Garvin County's sheriff has received the official OK to look into the possibility of a lawsuit to go after money he says is owed for housing s…

Two Garvin County offices took center stage this week as interviews got the process moving forward to find the next court clerk, while a lette…

The timeline looks to be set for a process meant to later lead to the appointment of a new court clerk in Garvin County.

Garvin County's sheriff is hoping one more big step has been taken toward his jail being able to someday offer medical services right there on-site.

Efforts over the last few months to bring a corrections office back to Garvin County appear to be back at the starting line.