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Americans deserve an attorney general who will uphold the Constitution for all Americans — regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or religion. We have not had that under Sessions. It seems likely our lot will stay the course, if not worsen, under Barr.

I am, personally, more of a tea person than I am a coffee person. I'm the sort of guy who gets a little coffee with his hazelnut creamer, if you get what I mean.

No clues and no closure for family – that appears to be the case for the mystery of what's happened to a longtime Pauls Valley resident who ju…

At a time when we are so fractured along our political landscape, it is nice to stop, take a breath, look about us and realize that there is far more goodness in America than we often see portrayed.

Within the past few years, the topic of immigration has come to the forefront, and phrases such as "chain migration" and "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" are spotlighting the process to become a legal citizen.

The hike was a long one over a long period of time for a former Pauls Valley resident who finally got to the finish line of a famous American trail.

Pauls Valley student Ben Dobbins borrowed an idea from his father to come up with a project meant to help the community and earn him a high Bo…